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Carrie McGill-Officiant/Celebrant

Carrie McGill-Officiant/Celebrant

I believe that people are most secure and fulfilled when they have a sense of belonging; when they feel they are a part of a community and can celebrate important passages with that community. These celebrations then become the golden threads in the fabric of our lives.

Recently retired, I spent my career working in public education. With a focus on a love of learning and developing a strong sense of community, my career as an educator and administrator was deeply satisfying.

As a previous neighborhood association founder and president, I carried this belief of the importance of belonging into my own neighborhood. Through grant writing and “rallying the troops”, we planted trees, cleaned up alleys, and kept watch over each other’s homes.  In my current neighborhood, I continue to welcome new neighbors, have neighborhood gatherings, and make a special effort to get to know the people that make up my close community.  

Throughout my life I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  I’ve learned that our environment, our culture, our family, and our beliefs make us unique.  And yet, we still have the same basic human need to belong, and for our life to be recognized and celebrated.

In 2011, I attended In-Sight Institutes to become a Certified Celebrant and recently obtained my Credentials of Ministry from the Universal Life Church Ministries to be a wedding officiant. I look forward, in these roles, to be a part of bringing communities together to celebrate life.